Corporate Workshops & Retreats

Dr. Brad is pleased to offer entirely customizable retreat experiences for a broad variety of companies and organizations alike. First, he will confer with the company’s point-of-contact to understand the corporate wellness needs, then he will customize workshops or an entire retreat experience to fit the company’s particular profile. These programs may take place onsite or offsite, depending upon the company’s facilities and desires. For more information or to begin the discussion, call 415.339.2692 or email

Dr. Brad also offers executive workshops, interactive lectures, and one-on-one consultations. For a sampling of his executive health workshops, please continue reading below.


Sustaining Peak Performance through Optimal Health

A Focus on Well-being, Vitality, Productivity, and Life-Long Results

Working with groups through customized interactive lectures, experiences and workshops, Dr. Brad empowers individuals and teams to make changes that are positive and permanent. Results include improved physical and mental well-being, increased productivity and creativity, and reduced health care costs for themselves and their organizations.


  • health-workshop-resilienceCultivate Resilience

    A Path to Optimal Productivity and Good Health

    This lecture discusses the triggers of stress in our personal and professional lives, and how we instinctively respond in often harmful ways like ‘fight or flight.’ Participants leave with tools and techniques to navigate uncertainty, cultivate resilience and find greater life fulfillment. They also learn the unique stress load to optimize decision-making, productivity and personal health.

  • health-workshop-brain-fitnessEnhance Your Brain

    How to Improve Focus, Memory and Attention

    Discover how to keep your mind and memory vibrant at every stage of life. In this experiential workshop, participants learn how health habits affect memory, the relationship between diet and brain function, and scientific evidence of specific dietary supplements and lifestyle practices on Alzheimer’s and brain health. Dr. Brad offers instruction on relaxation techniques and exercises to practice at home and work to keep the aging brain and body vibrant.

  • fitness-exercise-workshops6 Pillars of Healthy Living™

    A Path to Optimal Productivity and Good Health

    Modern life keeps us so busy that we are often overcommitted, juggling multiple priorities and feeling out of control. This lifestyle is exhausting, unsustainable, and can damage health. In this workshop, participants complete a comprehensive questionnaire to determine their ratings on Dr. Brad’s Six Pillars of Healthy Living™. They learn scientific evidence and practical tools to create a life/work balance in accordance with these pillars:

    1. Healthy Eating
    2. Active Living
    3. Restorative Sleep
    4. Stress Reduction and Awareness
    5. Connection
    6. Finding Passion and Purpose
  • making-positive-changesMaking Positive Changes that Last

    Dr. Brad shares breakthroughs in neuroscience and positive psychology that reveal the influence of habits on brain chemistry and pathways. He also discusses best practices to break unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. Participants leave with 10 empowering tools for change to improve and sustain work productivity and personal fulfillment.

  • Tai ChiTai Chi & Qi Gong

    These ancient Chinese teachings have shown profound and positive effects on many aspects of health. These include memory, blood pressure, balance, strength, tranquility, anxiety, sleep, mental focus and attention. In this workshop, participants learn eight valuable movements to improve health and well-being, which can be continued at home.

  • healthy-eating-nutrition-workshopsHealthy Eating & Nutrition Workshops

    Held in Cavallo Point’s Cooking School, Dr. Brad and Cooking School Director Jayne Reichert combine their skills in a four-hour, hands-on cooking class that includes the preparation and cooking of a delicious, locally sourced meal. Dr. Brad discusses the meal’s medicinal and nutritional benefits, and relationships between food and mood, including energy level, cravings and mental focus. Chef Reichert explains where and how the ingredients are sourced, teaches basic knife skills, and guides participants through meal preparation. Once the cooking is done, the group enjoys the culinary results, with wines to match.

    Nourishing Ingredients for Stress Management

    This hands-on workshop focuses on foods and drinks that relax the mind, awaken the senses, and combat stresses of the busy executive or employee. Sample ingredients include dark chocolate, select whole grains, green teas, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, hops, and foods high in B vitamins.

    Eat to be Sharp

    This hands-on workshop focuses on foods and drinks that improve energy, focus, memory and mental clarity. In addition to providing shopping lists and snack ideas, we create some sample meals high in Omegas 3s, vitamin D, B vitamins, and choline.

  • Dr. Brad Jacobs SurfingThe Inspired Life

    Team effectiveness is the result of individual effectiveness and group cohesion. This workshop is designed for executive teams who want to work together better, improve their results and enhance work culture. Participants discover how individual reactivity, resilience and personal goals affect team effectiveness. Through informative lectures and interactive experiences, participants learn the power that awareness, clarity and communication style have on both personal life goals and team dynamics.

  • work-life-balanceWork-Life Balance

    This workshop incorporates the essential components from “Cultivating Resilience” and “Six Pillars of Health Living.” Participants learn how to craft an individualized approach to balance their personal and professional lives. Practical take-home tools include techniques for time and stress management, work efficiency, healthy eating, ‘on-the-go’ fitness, and better work and personal relationships.

  • yoga-retreatFitness & Exercise Challenge

    This customized epic fitness experience is based on your group’s fitness level, interests and desire for challenge. It combines outdoor adventure with lectures on the physiology and health benefits of adventure and exercise as they influence mental alertness, weight management, longevity, vitality, work productivity and overall well-being. Choose from a range of activities – such as hiking, surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, tai chi, qi gong – led by experienced teachers and guides. Participants take home functional exercises that can be done in the work place or home.

  • Dr. Brad Jacobs BikingEpic Adventures with Dr. Brad

    Join our resident Integrative Medicine doctor, Brad Jacobs MD MPH ABIM, on a memorable activity personalized for your group’s culture, fitness level and appetite for adventure. The numerous options include a thrilling mountain-bike ride, surfing the Pacific, sailing San Francisco Bay, or hiking miles of trails. In all cases, Dr. Brad partners with the area’s best equipment providers and offers great advice to enhance a lifelong pursuit of health and adventure.