Executive Health Coaching

Dr. Brad offers retreats, workshops, interactive lectures, and one-on-one consultations for corporate clients. Dr. Brad’s workshops are tailored to each organization’s unique culture and strategic objectives. He pulls in a team of health and executive coaching professionals, as well as specialists from the Healing Arts Center and Cooking School to create unique solutions to meet any organizations’ wellness needs and goals.

For companies that want to provide executives or management teams with executive health coaching services, Dr. Brad offers a comprehensive health assessment using 6 Key Pillars to Healthy Living™ Assessment as well as diagnostic and treatment protocols from conventional and traditional healing systems. Dr. Brad works closely with UCSF faculty specialists and diagnostic imaging centers, as well as specialty laboratories when needed, to provide clients with world-class healthcare. Clients review their findings with Dr. Brad, who provides detailed 21-day and one-year personal action plans based on risk tolerance, life experience, preferences, and worldview.

Dr. Brad is excited to be able to offer a variety of corporate wellness solutions. For more details, please visit Corporate Workshops & Retreats.