Dr. Brad is gifted with a unique combination of exceptional competence and compassion, and I am grateful he is my doctor! He can also work magic… A couple of months ago, I went to see him after a long trip and weeks of feeling terrible with an acute cold, complete exhaustion, and a plugged ear. I felt that nothing helped to relieve the discomfort. All I wanted was to be in bed, but I dragged myself to see him. In his calm and reassuring way, he proceeded to give me a treatment including cranial massage and acupuncture. He spent over an hour with me. After the treatment, my ear cleared, I felt a surge of energy, and I left his office feeling cured! Having Dr. Brad as my physician makes me feel safe, well cared for, and feeling I am in the best possible hands. Dr. Brad embodies the best of integrative medicine, and is also a delightful human being!” –R.A.