Brad Jacobs, M.D.

“As an integrative medicine physician, educator, and author, my mission is to inspire and empower you to optimize your health and well-being.”

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—Brad Jacobs, MD MPH ABOIM

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Dr Brad Jacobs is a recognized leader in integrative medicine and lifestyle medicine, corporate health and an experienced physician, educator, and healthcare innovator.

His practice located at the award-winning Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California is rooted in providing committed individuals comprehensive, personalized, and technology-enabled healthcare.

This unique approach combines the best of conventional, genomic, lifestyle, and alternative medical practices.

Integrative Medicine, Sausalito, California

Dr Brad’s Integrative Medicine Approach

Dr Brad’s exceptional integrative medicine program offers comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs by melding the best of modern medical care with established wisdom and alternative health practices, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga and more. This holistic approach provides clients with new pathways to optimize health and find balance, vitality, and joy.

Dr Brad’s 6 Pillars of Healthy Living®

Modern life keeps us so busy that we are often overcommitted, juggling multiple priorities and feeling out of control. Research has shown that 70-90% of health conditions can be prevented or managed through lifestyle alone; therefore, a cornerstone of Dr Brad’s innovative solutions includes his 6 Pillars of Healthy Living. This self-assessment tool has been used by Fortune 50 companies Google, PG&E, and Lilly Pharmaceuticals; as well as Stanford University, UCSF Medical Schools, and Harvard School of Business.

Integrative Medicine Consultation with Dr Brad Jacobs in Sausalito, California


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Located at the acclaimed Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California, BlueWave Medicine provides a unique healthcare experience by skillfully combining the best of conventional medicine with exceptional alternative and lifestyle medicine practices.

Using a team-based integrative medicine model, BlueWave Medicine provides concierge primary care, second opinion consultations, acupuncture, bodywork & massage, psychotherapy, yoga, personal training, health coaching and more.

Health & Wellness Events


Dr Brad is pleased to offer a variety of events, including retreats, workshops, programs, and his “Tuesdays to Your Health” series – complimentary health & wellness presentations at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito on select Tuesdays of each month.

Visit our practice website to see upcoming events:

Books Co-Authored by Dr Brad


Testimonial: V.J.

“Dr. Brad performed the most thorough checkup and review of my medical history I have ever experienced.”

Testimonial: R.A.

“Dr Brad is gifted with a unique combination of exceptional competence and compassion, and I am grateful he is my doctor! Having him as my physician makes me feel safe, well cared for, and feeling I am in the best possible hands. Dr Brad embodies the best of integrative medicine and is also a delightful human being!”

Testimonial: NYC to SF

“When I first met Dr. Bradly Jacobs, I was new to San Francisco and struggling with major health issues. In fact, I had plans to return to NYC one month later for major surgery. This was a very trying time for me, but I found great comfort in my work with Dr. Jacobs. During my initial consultation, Dr. Jacobs interviewed me for well over an hour to take stock of my entire medical history. It was instantly clear to me that Dr. Jacobs was not only interested in my particular health issue; he was interested in my wellbeing as a person.”

Testimonial: Surgery Recovery

“Initially, our work together focused on my health needs during and after recovery from my first surgery. Unfortunately, I did not recover well and spent the next nine months in and out of UCSF for multiple surgeries. Regardless, Dr. Jacobs was with me every step of the way. He was always available at a moment’s notice; this was extremely important to me as I was new to the city and still building a network of support. Dr. Jacobs was always available to help make decisions about treatments, make referrals, and follow up with all doctors. I felt I had the team I needed in place to be able to fully heal.”

Testimonial: M.L.

“Finally recovered from my many surgeries, Dr. Jacobs and I are currently refining a game plan for my complete health and wellness. It goes without saying that Dr. Jacobs takes an integrative approach to treatment and does so with tremendous care, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness. I would recommend Dr. Jacobs with the highest regard.”