“For years I considered myself to be an active middle-aged man, slightly overweight with ‘normal’ signs of aging. Since I had no official disease and traditional medical practices were not focused on my underlying health, I was unaware that I was on a fast track toward either a debilitating condition or a bad final outcome. However, when Dr. Brad reviewed my well-being from an integrative and comprehensive perspective, it became clear that I was actually 40 pounds overweight, had liver function problems, and markedly elevated cholesterol. Previously, all of my doctors told me that I needed medications because my last trial at changing my diet didn’t reduce my cholesterol sufficiently. However, when Dr. Brad and his team tailored a diet and supplement program for me and upped the cardio in my existing exercise regimen, the results turned out to be extraordinary. I lost all 40 pounds, cut my cholesterol by 50% (such that I will not need medication), and my liver function has returned to normal. I feel educated, energized, and thankful for Dr. Brad’s innovative multi-pronged approach. The benefits of self-care that I have learned from working with Dr. Brad have created extraordinary results in my life.”