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Exercise: From distracted to focused and recharged

Go ahead and congratulate yourself for your last workout … In the middle of a hectic lifestyle, it’s too easy to shelve a crucial sweat-session. What you likely already know is that exercise will increase your energy levels, lower your stress hormones, and provide a healthy perspective on those mounting... Read more

Q&A: Feeling Refreshed

“I have a very hectic schedule. What’s the best way to unplug?” Here are a few tips on creating a weekend that will leave you feeling refreshed: Turn off as many electronic communication devices as possible. Sleep in. Make a big breakfast, put your feet up and read the paper.... Read more

Taming Seasonal Allergies

It seems like everyone I know is suffering from seasonal allergies, also called hay fever. Roughly 40 million people suffer each year from seasonal allergies – and suffer they do. Runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, head congestion and fatigue are just a few of the seasonal allergy symptoms... Read more

Deciphering Food Labels

An essential aspect of good health is understanding what’s in the food you eat. Excellent ways to do this are to carefully read labels of the food you buy at the grocery store and to go to restaurants that list nutritional facts and ingredients. Top 8 Things to Look for... Read more

Good Oral Health

Is there a relationship between good oral health and good health overall? Have you heard about a lollipop and chewing gum that fight cavities? The health of your oral cavity – mouth, teeth and gums – plays an important role in your overall health. For example, studies have shown a... Read more