Dr. Brad on his Immersion Experiences

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What does Dr. Brad have to say about his immersion experiences?

The third part of my client practice involves immersion retreats, in which the client can engage in “one-on-one” experience or as a participant in a group retreat. For the one-on-one experience, guests stay at Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate for a single spa day, 3-day, or 5-day package. We work one-on-one focusing on the guest’s specific health issues. A typical immersion experience includes: a one-hour initial Integrative Medicine consultation and a 7-day follow-up phone consultation with me; mind-body balancing yoga and inspirational hikes; and prescribed Cavallo Point Healing Arts Center and Spa treatments, based upon the client’s unique health issues and needs. The group retreats are also a unique immersive experience within a community setting at Cavallo Point. I would encourage anyone who wishes to take their health to the next level to explore my 2013 Inspired Life Series!