Q&A: Feeling Refreshed

“I have a very hectic schedule. What’s the best way to unplug?”

Here are a few tips on creating a weekend that will leave you feeling refreshed:

  • Turn off as many electronic communication devices as possible.
  • Sleep in.
  • Make a big breakfast, put your feet up and read the paper.
  • Listen to music and/or dance.
  • Relax amongst friends/family and laugh.
  • Get a foot massage.
  • Spend time in nature whether it be a walk, hike, or playing in the park. You’d be surprised how revitalized you will feel!
  • Take a walk with a friend and without your phone, blackberry or iPod.

For those of you who feel anxious at the thought of ‘unplugging’ for the weekend I recommend setting aside just one hour on Sunday, preferably in the early evening, to scan your email. Do your best to limit your responses to only the most critical messages. By setting aside time to check-in but not fully engage, you’ll feel less anxious about Monday. You can then fall asleep Sunday evening feeling refreshed and prepared for the week ahead. For the rest of you, give yourself one hour first thing Monday morning to review emails before you get to work so you have time to prepare. Remember, three nights living ‘unplugged’ can make a world of difference!


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