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Asparagus: Feeding You and Your Friendly Bacteria

If you’ve been observant in the produce aisle or farmer’s market lately, you may have been shocked by asparagus prices (99 cents a pound in many grocery stores!)  This dramatic drop is due to the unseasonably warm weather in California and promotions are everywhere. While the season starts in February,...
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This following recipe comes from Cavallo Point’s very own Chef Jayne Reichert. Learning from Chef Jayne at the cooking school is always a favorite moment during one of my Optimal Health retreats. Enjoy this healthful, green side dish at your next al fresco dinner (a summer must-do!) Seasonal salads are...
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Bitters & Carminatives for Indigestion

As we age, many people have indigestion or feel bloated after meals. Thankfully most traditional cultures offer effective remedies. You may recall your grandparents bitter-tasting appetizers or drinks 20-30 minutes before their meal. These “bitters” prime the gastrointestinal tract for the upcoming meal by stimulating gastric acids and pancreatic enzymes...
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