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Exercise: From distracted to focused and recharged

Go ahead and congratulate yourself for your last workout … In the middle of a hectic lifestyle, it’s too easy to shelve a crucial sweat-session. What you likely already know is that exercise will increase your energy levels, lower your stress hormones, and provide a healthy perspective on those mounting...
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Your Attitude Can Affect Your Health

Research suggests that your attitude can actually influence your health – and it’s not just your emotional well-being that is at stake. A study among 3000 British adults found attitude affects stress hormones and inflammatory markers. An earlier study found pessimistic men have twice the risk of developing heart disease;...
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What are the health benefits of Green Tea?

At the 6th Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, Rutgers investigators announced that rats fed a diet equivalent to 4-6 cups of Green Tea, in humans, were 55% less likely to develop colon cancer and among those that did, the tumors were 45% smaller compared to the...
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